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NorthClad® ACM Series LEED® Building Potential

Recycle ACM Composite.Green Construction Materials
With the NorthClad® ACM Series panels, extrusions, and other accessories the result will be a beautifully finished scheme as well as an environmentally friendly exterior. Provide a unique finish to your project, while enjoying piece of mind knowing our system is a green product with many added benefits. NorthClad® ACM composite panels can even assist with meeting the requirements for LEED® Certification 1 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
ACM Recycle Content
The NorthClad® ACM systems boast a recycled content of approximately 30% or greater (post and pre consumer calculated total). This assists in meeting the requirements for LEED® Green Building Rating System under the Materials and Resources Credit 4 for New Construction (10% or 20% recycled content).
Continuous Lifecycle
Our products are 100% recyclable, which keeps scraps out of landfills and helps the project qualify for LEED® Materials and Resources Credit 2 for New Construction. When the product has exceeded it's life span and it is time for replacement, the material can be sent to various recycling facilities and scrap yards to be melted down to create new products.
Reflectivity ReductionRecycle ACM Composite.
NorthClad® composite panels are stocked in a vast variety of colors and finishes. Many colors boast an SRI value greater than 29 as per LEED® Sustainable Sites Credit 7 (Reduction of Heat Island Effect) qualification requirements. These colors will reflect energy from the sun and reduce heat absorption, effectively minimizing the impact on microclimates and avoiding disruption of the surrounding habitat.
Local Employees
Our panels are manufactured in northwestern Washington by local workers. We are proud to promote domestic labor and provide jobs in and around the Pacific Northwest.
More LEED® Credit Information
LEED® credit values may vary depending on the type of material you choose for your project. Please inquire for product specific information. Additionally, to learn more about building using LEED® qualified practices, please visit the web pages of the U.S. Green Building Council
NorthClad® ACM Aluminum Composite Panels ACM Aluminum Composite Panels
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