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NorthClad DS Series Options
Metal siding panels with different depths.

Perforation Patterns

"Custom Patterns Perforated Into The Panel System"

Truely interesting and unique building facades can be achieved by utilizing the NorthClad® Designer Series options, not the least of which is the option to have custom patterns perforated or engraved into the cladding system itself.

Want to perforate a photo or other artwork into an exterior cladding system? We can do that. The photo to the right shows a well-known image perforated directly into the metal.

Using advanced software and CNC machinery, we can first take a photo and make it into a composite of tiny relief shapes which are then punched into a panel or across multiple panels creating the illusion of the original image at a distance.

When the installer receives the panels, they will be marked with numbers corresponding to design drawings to ensure each panel is installed in the precise location required in order to complete the pattern.

Have questions? Want to know if we can achieve a certain look or pattern? Please, feel free to contact us, and let's get started on your next project.

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