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The Importance of Hygrothermal Modeling
An introduction to WUFI®: A software program designed to assist in developing credible calculations on the transient hygrothermal behavior of multi-layer building components exposed to natural climate conditions.
Rain Screen Wall Cladding Systems Testing
Informative article breaking down the differences between the two standardized testing methods for exterior rainscreen systems: AAMA 508-7 and AAMA 509-09.
The Two Types of Rainscreens (Off-site)
A brief description of the two different types of rainscreen systems (Drained back-ventilated vs. Pressure Equalized) and their applications.
Why Rainscreens Make Sense in the Pacific Northwest
A brief history of rainscreen philosophy, the evolution of systems, and the reasons behind their designs.

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Product Photo Set Low Resolution
Product Photo Set High Resolution Zip
A pdf set of projects utilizing NorthClad® series panel systems.
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