Colors, gloss levels, and finish textures can be tuned to meet your specific project requirements. Fastener patterns and finishes can be adjusted to contrast, or blend in. Fastener Series panels are not limited to perpendicular edges, curves are possible, as well as abstract shapes.

  • Tested for air, water and structural performance (ASTM 283, 330 331)
  • Wide variety of Material Options.
  • CNC fabrication ensures exact dimensions
  • Cost savings are generated by minimizing routing and forming time
  • Panels can be installed out of sequence and are easily replaced if damaged
  • Complete flashing systems available in matching colors
  • Field modification of most panel materials is possible and simple
  • Choose from phenolic materials, aluminum composite, plate aluminum, and organic materials
  • Available for phenolic material
  • ½” joints horizontally and vertically
  • Tested to meet AAMA 501 requirements with uncontrolled water infiltration resistance up to 15.04 PSF
  • Structural load tested, per ASTM E 330 – 2, with a negative load of 50.13 PSF
  • System can be mounted on any waterproofed substrate with an attachment to a suitable structure
  • Standard system details for installation with building insulation either to the exterior of sheathing or within the stud cavity, available in either AutoCAD or PDF formats
  • Panels machined using a CNC gantry router


  • Available in three configurations
  • Standard and custom options
  • Precision fabricated modular design
  • Ventilated rainscreen design for a high performance building envelope
  • PVDF (Kynar®/Hylar®) paint for long term color retention
  • Fully tested for air, water and structural performance
  • Very Flat surface without visible sealant in the reveals
  • Proven sheet metal details
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • 20 year paint finish warranty
  • Complete flashing systems available
  • Tested for ASTM 283, ASTM 330, ASTM 331, AAMA 508-7

Green Building Assistance & LEED® Credit Potential.

Base material contains 50%+ recycled content. LEED® MR Credit 4.

Several paint options with SRI value greater than 29. LEED® SS Credit 7.

All products are 100% recyclable to assist in waste stream diversion. LEED® MR Credit 2.

Manufactured in the Pacific Northwest by a local workforce.

FASTENER series project gallery

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