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Introducing the NorthClad® Gs 600 and Gs 700 Continuous Roll Formed Gutter Systems

Gs Series continuous roll-formed gutter system.
  • Two gutter capacity options available (Gs 600 and larger Gs 700)
  • Required Coil Sizes are 16"w and 20.875"w for small and large gutters respectively.
  • Continuous, roll formed gutters
  • Shipping lengths up to 40' standard, longer lengths available
  • 22 or 24 gage galvanized steel, continuously connected front and back
  • 20yr Kynar paint available in many standard colors
  • Continuous, perforated stainless steel clip screen
  • Installed with no lap joints
  • Packages available include: end caps, drops, screen cleat assemblies, and optional wind clips

Poor gutters are typically one of the first things to create a negative impression of your commercial facility or school property. Drips at gutter laps tend to streak walls or leave puddles, ice slicks, and stains on your sidewalks. Faded paint on external brackets and sheet metal cries out for attention.

Gutters filled with leaves and garbage are ignored by the maintenance staff, who don't have adequate safety systems in place to safely clean the gutters. Light gauge gutters dented by climbing kids or leaning ladders can throw off the appearance of an entire elevation. Now there is the perfect product to specify, addressing all of these concerns: The NorthClad® Gs Series.

NorthClad® Gs Series Gutter Accessories

NorthClad® Gs Continuous Roll Formed
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