NorthClad® Gs 700 Series Details

Our Gs 600 Series continuous gutter system is also available which provides a slightly smaller capacity than the larger 700 Series. Both gutter sizes are available in your choice of 22 or 24 gage galvanized steel with cornice options for both systems.

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A - Typical Gs 700 Series Eave Detail

Section at eave for NorthClad® Gs 700 series continous gutter system showing gutter dimensions and installation notes.

B - Gutter Assembly Isometric

Isometric detail showing typical gutter assembly with stainless steel clip screen support.

C - Optional Gs 700 Cornice Fascia

Detail showing isometric view at optional Gs 700 Series cornice fascia metal.

D - Gutter Cleanout

Gutter cleanout assembly detail at NorthClad® Gs 700 Series gutter system.

E - Cleats And Straps At Gs 700 Series

Various gutter accessories including cleats and straps for the Gs 700 Series roll-formed gutter made in Washington State.

F - Gutter Expansion Joint At Gs 700 Series

Expansion joint at gutter system allows for thermal movement. Recommended at intervals of not less than 50 ft.

G - Collection Pan At Gutter Inside Corners

Valley collection pan for inside corner condition for NorthClad® Gs 700 Series gutter system.

H - Gutter Accessories, Straps, And Downspouts

Accessories for the NorthClad® Gs 700 Series gutter system including downspouts, downspout drops, downspout straps, etc.

J - Cornice Fascia For Gs 700 Series

NorthClad™ custom fascia metal available in 10′-0″ sections with accessories for clean splice conditions with excellent visual appearance.

K - Splice Plates And Clips For Optional Cornice

Optional accessories including splice plates and hold-down clips for NorthClad® Gs 700 Series continuous gutter system.

L - Corner Pieces For Gutter Cornice

Isometric detail showing pre-fabricated 12″ x 12″ corner sections for NorthClad® Gs Series optional gutter cornice flashing.

M - End Caps At Gs 700 Gutter Cornice

Optional accessories: The Gs Series cornice end caps provide a clean termination for cornice flashing for a beautifully unique finish.

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