Aluminum Panel Series


Green Building

With the NorthClad® AL Series line of products you can be assured of a beautifully finished scheme, as well as an environmentally friendly exterior. Not only do we provide you with a unique finish to your project, but you also have the piece of mind to know that our system is a green product with environmental benefits. NorthClad® panels can even assist with meeting the requirements for LEED® Certification 1 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).


Made From Recycled Content

The aluminum we use in our NorthClad® systems has a post consumer recycled content of 20% and secondary recycle content of over 30%. This more than helps meet the requirement of 10% or 20% recycled content for LEED® Green Building Rating System under the Materials and Resources Credit 4 for New Construction.

Reusable Material

Our products are also 100% recyclable assuring any waste or scrap can be diverted from the landfills and help qualify the project for LEED® Materials and Resources Credit 2 for New Construction. When the product life has been completed and it is time for replacement, all material can be sent to a recycling facility or metal scrap dealer for re-use.

Efficient Construction

NorthClad® AL Series panels are available in an infinite variety of finishes from our standard line of colors to custom matches in any shade. There are options for an SRI value greater than 29 as required to qualify for LEED® Sustainable Sites Credit 7 (Reduction of Heat Island Effect). These specified colors will reflect the sun’s energy and reduce heat absorption, in turn minimizing the impact on microclimates and disruption of the surrounding habitat.

Locally Fabricated

Lastly, our panels are manufactured in the great Pacific Northwest by a local workforce. We proudly promote domestic labor and provide jobs in and around the Pacific Northwest to support our local and federal economy.


  • Available in three configurations
  • Standard and custom options
  • Precision fabricated modular design
  • Ventilated rainscreen design for a high performance building envelope
  • PVDF (Kynar®/Hylar®) paint for long term color retention
  • Fully tested for air, water and structural performance
  • Very Flat surface without visible sealant in the reveals
  • Proven sheet metal details
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • 20 year paint finish warranty
  • Complete flashing systems available
  • Tested for ASTM 283, ASTM 330, ASTM 331, AAMA 508-7

Green Building Assistance & LEED® Credit Potential.

Base material contains 50%+ recycled content. LEED® MR Credit 4.

Several paint options with SRI value greater than 29. LEED® SS Credit 7.

All products are 100% recyclable to assist in waste stream diversion. LEED® MR Credit 2.

Manufactured in the Pacific Northwest by a local workforce.

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