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NorthClad® EF Series Material and Finish Options

Aluminum Composite Material

Exposed Fastener ACM Composites

The EF series exposed fastener panel system can be installed utilizing ACM material anchored directly to hat channels. The rigid, light ACM core provides excellent protection from buckling and "oil-canning".

ACM material is available in a wide variety of standard color options with custom colors also available at an additional cost.

Solid and Kynar® Coated Aluminum

Kynar coated aluminum and solid aluminum sheet

The NorthClad® EF Series panel system can utilize virtually any material, including solid sheet aluminum for a natural look or Kynar® coated aluminum for that perfect touch.

The system is capable of supporting virtually any thick aluminum stock, including specialty metals, brushed surfaces, or other special textures.

Please contact NorthClad® sales and support if you have any questions related to material availability for any of our products. We are always happy to assist you with your project.

Organic Material Options
Wood, fiber cement composites, and phenolic resin panels

We're excited to provide environmentally friendly options for the EF Series panel system.

The EF system can be installed utilizing recycled content cladding panels from local manufacturers. Please inquire for further information about any of our products.

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