Aluminum Composite Panel

ACM Inboard Details

Click on the blue dots on the map to scroll down to the descriptions below to get a close up of each area shown on the map. Or, download the entire package details right here:

A - Horizontal Joint

B - Vertical Joint

C - Base Of Wall

D0 - Coping Splice

D1 - Coping Splice

D2 - Coping

E1 - Outside Corner

E2 - Outside Corner Stitched

F - Inside Corner

G1 - Framed Opening Window Sill

G2 - Framed Opening Louver Sill

H1 - Framed Opened Window Header

H2 - Framed Opening Louver Header

H3 - Framed Opening Door Header

J1 - Framed Opening Window Jamb

J2 - Framed Opening Louver Jamb

J3 - Framed Opening Door Jamb

K1 - Framed Opening Window Jamb

K2 - Framed Opening Louver Jamb

K3 - Framed Opening Door Jamb

L - Minimum Outside Corner

M - Fascia to Soffit

N - Soffit to Wall Inside Corner

P - Inside Corner Termination

P2 - Inside Corner Termination

Q - Fascia to Soffit by Others

R - Termination to Adjacent Materials

R2 - Termination to Adjacent Materials

T - Inside Corner to Jamb

U - Soffit to Window Header

V - Wall to Soffit by Others

W - Outside Corner to System by Others

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